In 1903, the airplane was not the only great invention to take flight. it was also the year a tough, tenacious Californian by the name of George A. Wyman left San Francisco and, in a record 38-days, arrived clear across the continent in New York City. He did not make this treacherous trek by covered wagon. Or by horseless carriage. Or by train. He did it on two wheels - the first ever to do so.

Not only did George A. Wyman make history, so did his motorcycle.

A motorcycle, we are very proud to say, that is still built the same spirited way as in 1903. By hand - by the California Motorcycle Company. For young Wyman, it was a hard, bumpy road - that is, if he was able to find one. (Most trails across America had yet to be blazed.) It was a desolate stretch of land of mostly hazardous mountains, canyons and prairies; slippery with mud, snow and sand. In fact, for thousands of kilometers, he had little choice but to ride over railroad ties. Truth is, he could have sorely used one of California's modern machines which boasts as much as 84 more horses than Wyman's one-and-a-half h.p. "motor bicycle".

"It is a HOT-BLOODED country still, where fingers are heavy and GUNS have hair triggers."

When the going gets tough, the tough get going on a handsomely hand-crafted California Motorcycle -empowered in the pioneer spirit of Wyman's celebrated bike, nicknamed the Bear.

"I was repeatedly forced so far over to the side that I had to dismount to escape an upset. One man abused me roundly...he pulled up with the intention of getting off and horse-whipping me take a POT SHOT at me with a revolver, I don't know which - I didn't stop to learn. I let out my motor and QUICKLY got around a bend in the road OUT OF SIGHT and kept going so that he did not see me again.

It is a FIERCE BEAR, thanks in part to the raw power of its 89-cubic inch (1460cc) Super Custom V-Twin. A meticulous dedication to detail, putting it in a class by itself. Tastefully accented chrome and polished steel. A sturdy frame that is powder-coated for exceptional durability. We only use PPG, the highest quality paint available. Mono-shock dual dampened frames with a triangulated swing arm system maintain the nostalgic lines of the old hard-tail bikes. Sleek exhaust pipes maximize performance. Genuine Kevlar belt final drives: solid feeling, no rattling chain. And, because it is in limited production, the resale value is UNLIMITED.

The first great American motorcycle was a Californian. It still is.

Every stylish Bear is embodied with all the modern comforts a civilized cyclist has come to expect from the best America has to offer. Like custom seats by world-renowned Michael Corbin, dual caliper brakes with polished rotors, an engraved leather dash, and a polished nickel-plated Bear emblem sculpted by the famed California artist Malcolm Moran. No one in the world can build a BETTER BIKE AND DELIVER IT FASTER. Fact is, when you order a Bear there is barely a wait. The CALIFORNIA MOTORCYCLE COMPANY will DELIVER WITHIN SIX WEEKS! (Quite an improvement over the other American V-Twins that may make you wait up to two years!)

"It is not strange that men go mad in a waste of sand so broad that to the eye it is as limitless as the sky, so dead that one feels a thrill of relief at the sight of a crawling lizard or a swooping vulture; the wonder is that any man can cross it and afterward be sane."

When you get on a BEAR, life is a bit more bearable - and the world a little more sane. It is "84-horses of a different color" thanks to an array of metallic paints. It is the rumble and the roar. It is living life to its fullest, FULL THROTTLE!

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